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Our Mission

Parkersburg Pride is a 501c3 Nonprofit that works to provide social and educational resources to members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, friends, and family members. Our goal is to sponsor events and programs that enrich the Parkersburg community and affirm the value of LGBTQ+ people in that community.


Mission Statement


The mission of Parkersburg Pride is to nurture and sustain the LGBTQ+ community in the Greater Parkersburg area in a supportive, inclusive, and vibrant manner; to create a positive image of our community;  and to ensure each LGBTQ+ person in our area is respected and valued as a member of the community.



Vision Statement


Parkersburg Pride aspires to be a center of knowledge, resources, and social activities for the LGBTQ+  community in the greater Parkersburg area.

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